Image Aspect Ratio Resize Calculator

Resize Images with Ease and Maintain their Beauty

A lightweight browser extension

With our Image Resize Calculator, you no longer need to worry about distorting your visuals when resizing. It intelligently calculates the optimal dimensions, ensuring your images remain perfectly proportioned and visually appealing.

Work Process

How It Works ?

The magic of our calculator lies in its ability to preserve the original aspect ratio of your image. By default, the 'Aspect Ratio Lock' is activated, ensuring that your image's proportions remain unchanged during resizing.

Simple Installation

Install the extension from the Chrome Web Store with just a few clicks. Once installed, the calculator seamlessly integrates into your browser.

Easy Access

Whenever you encounter an image that needs resizing, click on the extension icon in your browser's toolbar to activate the calculator.

Input Image Dimensions

Input the current width and height of the image you want to resize into the calculator. Then, enter the new width or height that you desire, and the calculator will provide you with the results.


Packed with Versatile Options

Our Image Resize Calculator is designed to adapt to your unique preferences. Take advantage of these options to customize your image resizing experience.

    Default Current Dimensions

    Enter your Default Current Dimensions in the field provided, and the extension will automatically save them for your next use.

    Don't save last Input on Current Dimensions

    Leave this option disable and say goodbye to repetitive inputs! Our calculator will remember your last used dimensions for quick and efficient resizing.

    Hide Info

    Keep your workspace clean and clutter-free by hiding additional information while you resize your images with ease.

    Hide Copy Buttons

    Streamline your workflow by hiding the copy buttons - perfect for users who prefer alternative ways to copy their resized dimensions.

    Hide Preview Sizes

    With this option, you can preview the sizes based on the dimensions of the images you enter. Of course, you can deactivate it if you prefer.

    Hide Slider

    For those who prefer precise numerical inputs, hide the slider and directly enter the desired dimensions - ideal for meticulous adjustments.

    Slider Steps

    Fine-tune your resizing precision by customizing the slider steps to match your project's specific requirements.

    Use Dark Theme

    Treat yourself to a modern, sleek interface with our Dark Theme option, enhancing visual comfort during extended resizing sessions.

Additional Options Custom List

Αdditional features

The additional features are activated when you "Buy me a Coffee".

    Measurement Type

    Select the Measurement Type you want to calculate between pixels, inches, and centimeters.

    Convert new values from inches to cm and vice versa

    Conversion to inches or centimeters will also appear in the results.

    Select an image file to get its dimensions in pixels

    Choose a photo from your computer, and its dimensions will automatically appear in the current dimensions.

    Resize and save the image file you will select

    Effortlessly resize and save selected images with just one click.

    Percentage Slider

    Adjust the size of the new image relative to the original one using a percentage slider.

    Custom List of Current Dimensions

    Save your own list with current dimensions for quick selection from the extension popup.


Available for Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge from the Chrome Web Store

Cross-Browser Compatibility: Not just limited to Chrome - our extension is also available for Microsoft Edge users, ensuring accessibility for a broader audience.

We are excited to announce that our 'Image Aspect Ratio Resize Calculator' now comes with Dark Mode, providing a sleek and stylish interface.